About us

We are users, just as you are. We worked with 3D printers and were not satisfied with the way additive manufacturing worked in reality. That’s why we founded Genera. We wanted to deliver on the promises that 3D printing had made for many years: reliable, clean and fast production which creates room for all of your ideas. That is our vision. Genera, Creation made reliable.

We strongly believe that additive manufacturing has to be seen as a comprehensive process – from setup to final result. Only when all steps are harmonized, can the products be exceptional. In the past, the users themselves were left with this delicate coordination. We want to end this: The Genera Process guarantees repeatable results.

We believe in transparency. We want to explain the unique Genera process and to be open to as many materials as possible. This freedom, transparency, and reliability will take your production to a new level. We know because we are users just like you.

Klaus Stadlmann

Klaus has more than 10 years of experience in additive manufacturing and from the very beginning he worked right where things are made: at the 3D printers. His dissatisfaction with existing procedures fueled his motivation to improve the technology. In 2010, during his master’s studies at Technical University of Vienna, he designed and built the smallest DLP rapid prototyping machine of the world.

He has given TED Talks and university lectures about his experiences. He has also used his wide knowledge of additive manufacturing for medical technology research and development. His experiences so far encourage him in his mission to reimagine the entire workflow of additive manufacturing. Redesigned from a user’s perspective. That’s why he founded Genera in 2015.