The Genera process

The shuttle

Clean. Safe. Simple. Genera‘s glove-free handling system is based on an innovative shuttle solution. During the entire production process, the component travels in a tight box or shuttle. Both, the precious components and your hands are protected by this design. The 3D component can be handled and optimized without any dripping, contamination or light influence from outside. At the same time, the shuttle works as an interface between the 3D printer and the post-processing unit. It documents the entire manufacturing process and makes it traceable and repeatable.

the genera shuttlethe genera process

The Genera process, step by step.

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STL file is prepared using our CAM software


The G2 prints in 4K and several different resolutions (between 40 and 100 μm) in one system. No matter what the needed printing accuracy is, G2 has the solution.


After printing the part is stored in the handling box, our „shuttle“. This means safety and cleanliness for not just the component – but also your hands.


In the safe shuttle the part is transferred to the finishing unit F2. The shuttle contains a special memory chip where all the data for the print job is


The chip documents the production
process and guarantees that
printing, washing and post-curing are
harmonized perfectly.


This leads to exceptional quality of printed products and repeatable results.