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  • Dec 2015

    GENERA was founded by Dr. Klaus Stadlmann

  • Mar 2016

    We started to develop the GENERA Workflow. A completely new approach was taken and a unique 3d printing system was envisioned by our founder in cooperation with a renowned stock listed company.

  • Mar 2018

    The GENERA team focused on customer requests to develop a production system based on our deep knowledge and our unique GENERA workflow. The idea of the G2/F2 System was born.

  • Nov 2019

    The G2/F2 System was showcased on the Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt for the first time and GENERA immediately sold systems to a couple of renowned companies and partners such as Ottobock and KTM.

  • Nov 2021

    GENERA announced that Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) became a strategic investor and partner. At Formnext 2021 GENERA introduced the G3 All-in-One System and announced the A2 Automation Module.

  • Present

    Introducing the G1/F1 Desktop system. Scaling the Go to Market together with Stratasys, leveraging the Stratasys sales channels.

about our ceo

+10 years of experience led to a unique workflow

Klaus has more than 10 years of experience in additive manufacturing and from the very beginning he worked right where things are made: at the 3D printers. His dissatisfaction with existing procedures fueled his motivation to improve the technology. In 2010, during his master’s studies at Technical University of Vienna, he designed and built the smallest DLP rapid prototyping machine of the world. He has given TED Talks and university lectures about his experiences. He has also used his wide knowledge of additive manufacturing for medical technology research and development. His experiences so far encourage him in his mission to reimagine the entire workflow of additive manufacturing. Redesigned from a user’s perspective.

That’s why he founded GENERA in 2015.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the advantages of GENERA Clear3d?

Usually when it comes to cleaning 3d printed parts, isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is the standard used in small scale production. This highly volatile solvent has several inherit properties that are hazardous to health and safety. It also changes the resin material properties and therefore doesn’t guarantee stable stable printed parts. To solve all these problems in our unique Workflow, we developed GENERA Clear3d. This ecofriendly cleaning fluid is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-volatile and was tailor-made for the use in the F2. All materials in our open material library were validated with GENERA Clear3d and the material parameters were tested in close cooperation with our material partners. GENERA Clear3d can dissolve twice as much resin as common IPA thus making it much more efficient.

Do you offer work opportunities?

Want to become part of the GENERA team?

Send your application to jobs@genera3d.com.

Where can we buy your products?

Please have a look here.

Do you provide free samples?

Yes, we offer for potential customers free samples for the evaluation of our systems. Please get in touch with us for samples sales@genera3d.com.