Desktop. Clean. Automated.

The G1/F1 brings the GENERA workflow and automation to your desktop. It is compatible with the GENERA validated material library and uses a cartridge-based material unit to store the materials. The G1/F1 utilizes the GENERA shuttle technology for a clean and safe workflow.
The F1 uses a flashlight for curing the parts in inert atmosphere.
The parts are cleaned in two cleaning tanks especially designed for the secure use with IPA. The whole workflow is RF-ID tracked.
The material unit combined with a material cartridge ensures a clean and safe handling. The material unit is automatically opened by the G1 and the material is also automatically dispended. An integrated recoater helps to mix the resin within the resin vat to ensure consistent print results. The vat can be heated and track
low resin levels as well as the film lifetime. After the printing process the G1 automatically stores the part in the shuttle.
The part is then automatically post-processed by the F1.

System Components

G1  Printer

The 3D printer uses digital light processing (DLP) technology, where resins are polymerized using UV light, layer by layer.

F1  Post Processing Unit (PPU)

The post- processing unit where the printed frames are washed, dried, and light cured in a fully automated process.


This integrated transport box system (Shuttle) ensures a clean and safe application without direct contact with resin. The Shuttle holds the building platform and offers UV light protection to avoid any additional exposure.

Cartridges and Material

The cartridge is inserted into the material unit and is automatically paired and identified by the CAM software.
All colors and transparent materials are possible.

Washing Containers

The F1 post-processing unit includes two washing containers to pre-wash and finally wash the printed object in isopropanol. Thanks to an RFID tag, the system automatically checks the fill level and condition of the contents.



Hard Facts

Wave length
385 nm DLP

Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Pixel size
70 μm

Print volume @ 70 μm
x: 134 mm, y: 76 mm, z: 150 mm

Glove free process with shuttle technology and automated post-processing

Material unit with cartridge for easy and secure resin handling

Active carbon filter for odor reduction

Post-curing in inert atmosphere

Documentation and traceability
by RFID tag and database