All in One.

The G3 can be preconfigured for 40, 70, or 100 µm pixel size resolutions using the same powerful 4K 385nm DLP light engine found on the G2. Print with the same flexibility as the G2 using the open material vat resin system and GENERA’s ever-expanding material database. Parts are automatically cleaned after printing with our non-flammable GENERA Clear3d cleaning fluid in the wash station with integrated stirrer. Final post-curing is completed in the high-powered and homogenous UV LED post-curing chamber that is temperature programable with optional inert atmosphere flooding. Print, wash, and post-cure. All with the G3.

Hard Facts

Light intensity
max. 30 mW/cm2 @ 40 µm

385 nm DLP

Up to 3 mm/min*

4K Resolution
(3840 × 2160)

Available preset pixel sizes
40 µm or
70 µm or
100 µm

Print volume
@40/70/100 µm
x: 153/268/384 mm
y: 87/153/216 mm
z: 320 mm

Active carbon filter for odor reduction

Fully automated post-processing
(1 Build Job)

Non-flammable cleaning fluid
(Genera Clear3d)

High power and uniform LED curing chamber @ 405 nm

Post-curing in inert atmosphere with part tempering

Intelligent database for printing, post-processing and documentation

* depending on material and vat system