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GENERA’s unique process explained

Genera’s unique process explained


The secret behind additive manufacturing? To achieve a component of maximum quality, much more important steps must occur following the printing process. After the print job is done, the component needs to be cleaned and post cured by UV light. For best results, these 3 steps need to be perfectly coordinated. If, for example, the cleaning takes too long, the component may get brittle.

The problem: In the past, the users themselves were left with the delicate coordination of this process. Or even worse, it was left to chance. A lot can go wrong this way. This is where our revolution begins! For the first time ever, Genera has reimagined additive manufacturing as a comprehensive process. From setup to the final result, all processes are harmonized. This leads to exceptional quality of printed products. Another innovation: during the entire production, the component travels in a tight box – or shuttle. This means safety and cleanliness for not just the component – but also your hands. For the very first time, additive manufacturing is made so clean that you can print with the performance of a complete production lab, but without a demanding lab environment.

No gloves are required and by using the shuttle and the protective resin vat there is no need for ambient light filtering either. The Shuttle contains a special memory chip where all the data for the print job is stored. The chip documents the production process and guarantees that the component is processed perfectly throughout the entire workflow. Results are made repeatable through the saved information on the chip. During the complete overhaul of the workflow, the resin vat was redesigned as well.

Using new technologies, the peel away forces have been greatly reduced. Thus it is possible to print objects a lot faster and with more delicate features. Reliability, cleanliness and speed are the pillars of Genera’s revolution in additive manufacturing.