Clean. Safe. Simple.

GENERA‘s glove-free handling system is based on an innovative shuttle solution. During the entire production process, the component travels in a tight box or shuttle. Both, the precious components and your hands are protected by this design. The 3D component can be handled and optimized without any dripping, contamination or light influence from outside. At the same time, the shuttle works as an interface between the 3D printer and the post-processing unit. It documents the entire manufacturing process and makes it traceable and repeatable.

Hard Facts

Active carbon filter for odor reduction

Fully automated post-processing
(1 Build Job)

Non-flammable cleaning fluid
(Genera Clear3d)

High power and uniform LED curing chamber @ 405 nm

Post-curing in inert atmosphere with part tempering

Intelligent database for printing, post-processing and documentation

Full automation and continuous production in combination with the A2 Automation Module

Documentation and traceability by RFID tag and database