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Speed and quality – material meets technology

Speed and quality – material meets technology


The printer has quite a significant influence on the outcome. So even if you print a good material for your application in terms of, I don’t know, impact resistance, on a printer with insufficient light intensity then the conversion of the material will be incomplete.

So, the material will not reach its best performance. So, it will not reach the values you need for your required application. Therefore, high technology or a highly advanced printer is necessary to ensure that the maximum is taken out from the material.

So you can achieve the best possible properties. The genera system provides a library of already established and tested materials for our system, which are applicable for a broad variety of applications.

So, if you have an application in mind and you know the properties of your finished part, then you just go into our material library, select your desired material based on this application and you don’t have to think about characterizing the material or checking if the light engine is compatible,
if the wavelength is compatible. You just select it, put the cartridge inside and start printing.

And then you don’t have to take care of any of those annoying things.