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Why 3D printing has to change!

Why 3D printing has to change!


I just hate wearing gloves, I hate wearing gloves and cleaning the parts and get in contact with all those liquids and cleaning fluids and the smell. So printing is kind of nice it is completely automated but after that, the workflow… 3D printing doesn’t stop with the printing process, actually it begins after the printing process because you have to post-process the parts, you have to clean them, you have to post-cure them and this is something, when you first get in touch with 3D printing, you will not recognize.

So, my goal was to come up with an idea to make 3D printing as easy as printing with an office, paper printer. This was the point when I started to rethink the whole workflow in stereolithography. From my perspective, the future of 3D printing is production. And if you want to enable production, you have to ensure that your customer has a turnkey solution. And this turnkey solution consists in our approach of two systems, the printer and the post-processing unit, which work together and share a lot of data.

Also, it is important that our system doesn’t need a special environment. So, you can buy our systems and use them in a normal production environment. And our solution ensures you a consistent print all the time, 24 hours a day. So, we enable production on a daily basis with 3D printing.