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The challenges of series production

The challenges of series production



Repeat accuracy! That is the real challenge, repeat accuracy. If you have an order of 10.000 parts and 50% are returned, then you are in trouble. Today it is a fact that we cannot completely fill up the building volume of a 3D printer for series production. We have to select the precise spots and around those we place other parts, like prototypes. What we need is a process control as it is standard in milling, turning or injection molding.

We need a process control so that we can offer accuracy to our customers without producing each part 3 times. And, of course, material variety. Many more materials are needed. For sintering this is just happening. It is needed to get more stability into these materials. Our customers start into serial production with the materials that apply to their needs. Think additive. Imagine, there is no milling, turning or injection molding, no restrictions for designing a part – this is how the best ideas become reality. Today, we recognize during our visits to customers, that more and more construction drawings are thought of in 3D. Functional integration is key. Check if you can combine 3 parts into one part.

This is functional integration which is happening slowly, but if you do so you have a real advantage. So, definitively in construction drawings, combined with a fast machine and a bigger variety of materials. Together with reliable processes and reliable machines I see a big advantage. This is the future and I am confident that this will happen.