The challenges of series production

Repeat accuracy! That is the real challenge, repeat accuracy. If you have an order of 10.000 parts and 50% are returned, then you are in trouble. Today it is a fact that we cannot completely fill up the building volume of a 3D printer for series production.

Additive manufacturing transforms industries

The most important thing in a company is company culture. If the company culture does not support digitalization, it won’t work.

Post-processing – more than a must

So far you bought a printing system, maybe a printer, a washing unit and some kind of post-curing chamber, and you had to do everything by hand.

Why 3D printing has to change!

I just hate wearing gloves, I hate wearing gloves and cleaning the parts and get in contact with all those liquids and cleaning fluids and the smell.

Additive manufacturing – the sleeping giant

In fact, additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a sleeping giant since many, many years now. So it is time for the giant to wake up.

Speed and quality – material meets technology

So you can achieve the best possible properties. The genera system provides a library of already established and tested materials for our system, which are applicable for a broad variety of applications.